Mumbai – Nostalgia

12th Sept 2016 – is a date to remember. My first ever solo trip to Mumbai – city of dreams. I had a decent job (that paid my bills) and was well settled (as per society). BAM, I decided to take a risk by giving it up- All, Everything. And I went ahead with my idea of a solo trip and believe you me, from meeting my friends and family, to roadside shopping, to spotting some celebrity houses, I had a blast!

The routine fight of a localite in the local train gives you an elaborate struggle story. The metro rail is a breather. I come from Delhi/NCR and I find Mumbai less populated, less jammed, less shallow and less pompous. The only common denominator in both the cities is the pace of life. Supersonic FAST.

Mumbai has its own charm. The sight of kaali-peeli’s taxis, to the beauty of watching Haji Ali Dargah at noon and walking by Mount Mary Church. Watching the richest Indian mansion to the colorful ganpati pandals, the city gives you a feel of authenticity. Nothing compare to the joy of sitting and a walk by Queen’s Necklace, at any point of time. Warm people, simple people and even gentle one’s you will encounter. The beauty has an old world rustic charm to it. There I stood thinking here I am leaving a bit of me in Mumbai. It gives you happiness, like some really soul satisfying happiness.

Mumbai is synonymous with the Indian Film Industry or the Financial hub, or food mecca. However, this is a city of dreams. You are a part of this age old beauty the moment you step here.

On a typical Tuesday, I loitered and explored from one end of the city to the other. By the end of the day, with a big smile on my face I was a happy kid. As I always say, Mumbai, Music and me are a lethal combination. It’s like those balloons hung in the air which dance to the tune of fresh gasp of wind. Rejoicing and Happy!!

It is so important to live life each day, every passing moment. A strong sense of understanding is needed to believe that it won’t come back. that is when u start living. Leaving a bit of your soul in the moment and taking a bit of soul from that moment. It will create a kaleidoscope of memories. Let the soul dance to his tune. Let that magic ruin you.

Coming Home & other affairs 🏠🚂

I am enroute home! The only place where vacation is permanent at no cost et al 😊 I am thinking of the home cooked meal and of my room when a child who is crying loud enough to turn me deaf  creates ruckus!

Coming from a tropical country., where the temperatures are normally above tolerance even human species has lost tolerance. 

I am tucked between two extreme opposites. A kid who wouldn’t stop crying till the end of the world and other a very proper young age girl who    Is politeness personified!

And here I am contemplating myself.

  1.  I often use exclamation marks in a sentence!! Need to put a check on this!! 
  2. I have OCD. These cutlery provided in the trains is so down market and poor in quality. There is no hygiene.
  3. I don’t really appreciate people talking loudly on phone or even in conversation! ( Anyone can guess which part of the world I come from)
  4. This kid is bugging me to the core! 
  5. Again exclamation!! 😡
  6. Why is this lady not bothered at all?

And while I read a few pages from the latest novella I again think of “Home” 

A place where I have read umpteen books undisturbed. Where Mom Dad treat me as a princess. Where everything is comfortable to come back to.

Wishing myself and every body out there a great weekend! Go meet your loved ones..a natural spa remedy! 

Love to be a Woman! 

While I sipped my steaming Café Mocha coffee in the afternoon, I thought of this write up dedicated to the great vacation-less history maker classUS

I work day in day out single handedly for all my daily chores from running my apartment, to making food for my betterhalf and diving back to the data analytics, in between constantly trying to keep everyone around me happy…and trust me even if all this breaks my back I love it. As they say, Variability is one of the virtues of a woman!! We are fantabulous at multi tasking unlike the men.. We are presumed to be generally calm and poised; even though we might feel just as men. We, too like men, endure rigid restraint and utter stagnation. And also, are adept at baking doughnuts, playing piano’s, doing ballets and knitting stockings. 

I personally salute each and every woman who works untiringly…women with kids and families, women with in-laws and responsibilities, women with offices and bosses…hats off to you all who do it with rigor and never give up…. By and large, we are the sole workers sans any regular time off. And how many times do we celebrate the beauty and pride of being a Woman. The Working Woman!! Kudos to the undying fortitude of Woman!!

As Marilyn Monroe said once” I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it




Day in day out i come across people who are so stressed!  This “Stress” is a term widely used and accepted nowadays. As it turns out it is a major bread earner for lot many medics! Apparently and Oddly, it is more of an excuse now. For every petty issue, the valid answer is ” I am stressed” I am listening a lot of people talk about this silent monster!

Wonder I never saw my parents or anyone from the previous generation “stressed” under any darn circumstance where there wasn’t much of technology or means or even much money. Difficult to comprehend the root cause of stress! There used to be a time where people in a family of ten lived together, had one bread earner & yet no stress. Compared to today’s scenario of dual income families who are highly stressed !

literally, the cause lies with us in the psychosomatic cells. One tends to avoid a discussion  claiming to be under stress..where it is just an escape mechanism. I say bloody: you got money.. A decent job..a lovely family..a good life style and rest all things required in a normal life and you are stressed?? Stressed is the person who doesn’t know will he get food in the evening or where will he sleep?? Stress is when an old couple awaits the return of his son who drowns in an Airbus mishap. Yet those people are not stressed. Observe them..they are quiet and sound. It’s we who are crazy and Stress-isized. High time we need to get our priorities straight..and be vocal about it. There is nothing like a professional personal work life balance. It’s a state of mind…you are happy you will be happy the entire are upset and whoa!! God have mercy on your Supervisors!!

Chuck the armour of your bit of life to the fullest and be what “de-stressed”!

Grief is a Wild Untamed Thing

Much love to all the Mums!

Long Distance Daughter


This is my mom. Stunning, isn’t she? Beautiful inside and out. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since she died.

In some ways, the time has flown by. And much has changed. My strong and disciplined dad who used to swim three days a week, work out in the gym and write a nature column for the newsletter in the community where he lives, suffered a heart attack and now also battles dementia. My son, who was a little boy in his first real suit at his grandmother’s funeral, is now a young man, taller than both his parents with a deep and resonant voice that still surprises me on the phone. Who is that guy?

But one thing is constant. I still miss my mom. And I know that as long as I’m here, I always will. Dealing with all my feelings has been a process. Here…

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